The Royal Delta

Originally from the small copper mining town of Cananea, Sonora, brothers Jose and Hector Moreno moved to America at an early age and quickly discovered their passion for music. After working on writing songs and learning the craft of production and engineering in their 20s, the brothers teamed up to write and record several productions, the first of which is available here. They later teamed up with esteemed former drummer and percussionist of Canadian-born band Treblecharger Morris Palter and bassist Danny β€œDev” Earnest to form The Royal Delta.

By experimenting with different styles and stitching the threads of their influences into new tapestries of sound, they reach a sound at once fresh yet familiar, vintage yet modern.  The energetic songwriting captures a spirit of youth and vitality. The group punches through the noise with a blast of energy, bold, colorful style and heartfelt incisiveness.


Artwork: Jose Moreno